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2 years ago

Clube dos Videos


In my last story I told you how I sucked a stranger in a bar bathroom. ( Pub-lunch-with-creamy-dessert. ) finished this story by saying that I knew would not be long clubedosvideos until I sucked his cock. Well, I 'm much more than I expected. This is what happened. It also explains clubedosvideos why I decided to clubedosvideos change my name a bit now. as usual, I spent Saturday night for a drink with friends. As usual, he was dressed as a man, except, as usual, by sheer pink mesh panties wearing pants. was a night of fun, even better to enjoy some nice eye candy found in a pub in particular. There was a flock of 18 year old blonde in sexy clothes, showing dresses. Everyone seemed to be friends with them so that I and my fellow forty-something years just enjoyed the beautiful view from a distance. But for me, I could not help but wonder if his underwear was as sexy as mine. (I'm sure it was! ) The thing is that the visual delights lovely young womennot necessarily want to create in it for me. However, whenever I can imagine that I am one of them. That makes me very hot indeed. Later that night the boys went away and I was drinking with a man I know who is called Peter. I was so at that time I wanted to suck a dick. When closing time came, I told Peter that he was not ready for a night and asked if he had alcohol in their home. He said he knew but did not have vodka and a mixer. So we walked the short distance to my house and grabbed my two-liter carton of orange juice. I dove and select one of my nightgowns vintage. It was a pretty salmon-pink, nylon gauze on the mid-thigh lace - business aligned frothy. I quickly folded it and put it in the inside pocket of my jacket. A then took a taxi to his apartment and got stuck into the vodka while listening to music. A while later, I had to use the bathroom so he apologized. When I left the bathroom I saw in the living room was empty and realized Peter had crashed. Well, that was not good for me. clubedosvideos I knew what I wanted. (I would say that was a few weeks ago that was around the Plaza de San Pedro with my clubedosvideos girlfriend at the time. In the course of the night I remember something drunk, my clubedosvideos fondness for wearing women's clothes. ) So, living room, I pulled completely out of my pink panties and pulled my beautiful nightgown. I then joined Peter 's bedroom and slipped into bed beside him. was still alive, naked and said, "What is clubedosvideos your heart," that crouched beside him, put my head on his chest, put my hand on her belly and whispered : "Please, I would like to suck cock, please, if that's okay ? " While I spoke, I slipped my hand on his penis and stroked it gently. It was soft and small, but began to grow as it touched him. " Please. " I repeated. put his arm around me and sends chills down my beautiful, as he stroked my nightgown. He said, "Normally I do not like that. " kiss".. Please, I want to taste your cum " ed chest, stroking his cock back and said, He groaned and said. " Ok, but do not tell anybody," \\ \\ n I whispered, " Thanks. " I pulled back the blanket and kissed his stomach, his cock teased me until my tongue found his hairy balls. I licked and kissed her bag still stroking his penis growing. It was not long before he was fully erect, about two inches and thin with him. This was perfect for me, I can not deal with big cocks. I kissed and licked my way to the tip of his erection then shook my tongue around the bulbous head. I was with the eyes of a little pre-cum, who eagerly licked his pee - hole rewarded. I was firmly squeeze your penis with your fingers, wet lips slid over the top and sucked all the way until his cock in your mouth whole. Then I started sucking, slowly at first, so that the pace until I hit up and down his rod nice. Now the truth is that I
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